Residents To Take Issues With EPA

By Edwin G. Wandah

The early down pour of rain which is now leaving many residents homeless in many parts of Liberia with Paynesville being one of the recent communities that has been victimized has left several residents in the area threatening legal action against the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA.

According to some of the residents in the Boulevard Community, the EPA recently placed a halt on a construction work on a bridge that was to link Boulevard to Paco’s Island by one John Gbesei, saying that John, a Liberian was constructing a sub standard bridge to the detriment of the community and residents in the area.

The residents  said since the injunction was placed on John Gbesei’s initiative to erecting a bridge, EPA has done nothing to erect a modern bridge to aid in the transportation of the more than 5000 residents in the area and beyond, and avoid the over flooding of the community by the river during the rainy season.

Sometimes back, John Gbesei, a Liberian, took on a self initiative to erect a bridge that will aid in alleviating the traffic congestion in the SKD Boulevard –ELWA Junction via Red light, to diverting it to the Boulevard side with some pedestrians and automobiles using the Boulevard via Paco’s Island Community behind former Liberian President Charles G. Taylor’s residence towards the Old Road.

According to some of the residents, John Gbesei did not mean any harm for using his personal money to do good for a community with so many residents that are stranded every year due to the lack of good road and drainage systems.

“We think Mr. John Gbesei needs to be brought back on board to help us,” Fatu Kanga stated. “If EPA knew they could have not done this, why stop someone who has the people at heart to assist them? John is not giving us money or rice like our so-called politicians do when they want power, but people with the passion to help the needy like us and not the bad ones” Sundaygar said.

Another Martha Brown said, “I’ve been a resident of Paco’s Island for about 10 years now, and I’ve not seen anyone of Paco’s Island during an investment on this Island until Mr. John Gbesei came to our aid and started to rescue us but was later stopped by EPA.”

The group under the banner, “Residents United for Peaceful Dialogue” is calling on the Government to act immediately on their behalf so as to arrest the pending disaster that awaits the community during this rainy season.