PYJ Goes Independent 2014

By Edwin G. Wandah

The former political leader of the National Union for Democratic Progress-NUDP and Senior Senator of Nimba County, Prince Yormie Johnson, has announced that he’s contesting the senatorial seat of Nimba as an Independent Candidate.

Making the disclosure, Senator Johnson said his decision to contest as an Independent Candidate is based on the continuous problems in the party leading to confusion amongst leaders which led to his recent resignation as Standard Bearer of the NUDP.

According to Senator Johnson most of the party lack the vision which it was first established for, with some officials massively leading gangs to stir up confusion within the party, instead of finding ways to bring good ideology that will lead the party to achieving its political platform which was very different from other political parties in the 2011 National and General Elections.

The National Union for Democratic Progress-NUDP was established by Senator Prince Yormie Johnson and contested the 2011 National and General Elections, winning third behind George Weah’s CDC and Unity Party of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Senator Prince Yormi Johnson said he is now comfortably focused to contest the 2014 Senatorial Elections as an Independent Candidate and very optimistic that he is going to win the in 2014 elections.

Meanwhile, a group of Nimbaians under the banner “Concern Nimbaians For Transformation” in the county is hailing the Senator for the latest decision to pull out of NUDP. According to Alfred Yealue, those who are always criticizing Senator Johnson are evil people and they have nothing to offer Nimba.

Alfred said his group has embarked upon a- one- to one campaign to educate Nimbaians on the future of Nimba’s only highest seat the senatorial position and who’s to be elected to occupy the seat. Alfred also said they are embarking upon a massive campaign to vote out any of those that will want to run negative propaganda against Senator Johnson in 2014.

Alfred Yealue said, “Senator Prince Yormie Johnson’s stern position against corruption is the major problem causing the hatred from these guys, meaning, some of them want to empower themselves at the detriment of the common people who are suffering with no solution for their poverty- stricken condition”.

But the former NUDP’s political leader gave other reasons leading to his resignation.

According to him the continuous disrespectful behavior which has brought the party to public ridicule by leaders are some reasons, and many Liberians spoken to also said that Senator Johnson was right to step aside.

Senator Prince Yormie Johnson was born in Tapeta, Nimba County in east-central Liberia (interior of the country) and was brought up by an uncle in Monrovia.