Accident Victim Sends Out SOS

An accident victim is appealing to the Government of Liberia, humanitarian organizations and philanthropists in the country to come to his immediate aid to undergo medical treatment abroad.    Pastor Peter Logan who was involved in a tragic motor accident on the Monrovia/Buchanan Highway in which five persons died in 2011 said due to the accident he is in severe pains as the skin on his stomach was completely removed when he fell on the side of the Farmington Bridge.

Pastor Logan who was the Head Pastor of the Conqueror Congregation Grace of God Bible Church the incident occurred on August 1, 2011 when the commercial vehicle in which he was ridding began to overtake another vehicle directly on the Farmington Bridge with terrific speed and hit the side of the bridge.

He said five persons were pronounced dead but with the help of God, he and few others survived but with great pains as his entire skin was flaked from his stomach by the rough tarmac he fell on unconsciously.

Pastor Logan said he has done five X-rays which confirmed that nothing bad happened to him internally but another skin which is referred to as dead cell is now growing on his stomach with severe pains in his chest. Logan said he has been advised by doctors that the dead skin should be removed if he is to survive.

‘I’ve visited all of the hospitals in Monrovia and other places but to no avail because I’m told that the dead cell can only be removed out of the country preferably in Ghana as there is no equipment in the country to perform the operation,’ Pastor Logan narrated.

Meanwhile, Pastor Logan is appealing to the Government of Liberia, the Christian Community as well as individuals of goodwill to assist him seek medical attention abroad. He is especially appealing to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Rep. Edwin Snowe; Senator Joyce Musu Sumo, Sen. Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and all clergymen and women in the country to come to his immediate aid.

Any assistance can be channeled through The INQUIRER on Gurley Street or by calling cell#0886591509. Pastor Logan can also be contacted on his own number 0886653357/0880707929