New Mineral Water Hits The Market

A new purified natural mineral water brand and styled ‘Atlanta Life Mineral Water’ has been introduced on the Liberian market.

The multimillion dollar state of the art water factory is situated in the VOA community Perry Town area to supply the nation with purified natural mineral water. The company has some of the world’s best chemists from India operating the factory’s modern laboratory. The laboratory is second to none in the entire country.

Since the launch of the water over the weekend the public have begun to taste for the very first time purified natural mineral water. The water is clearer as compared to the waters on the Liberian market. The public has welcomed and accepted the water with a high demand. Many believe that Atlanta Life Mineral Water is the best locally produced mineral water so far.

The company has currently employed fifty Liberians who are mostly from the VOA community where it is located and is expected to employ more as its operation expands.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Krishore Gurbani, very soon the company will begin supplying other parts of the country. He said currently the water will be supplied to Margibi, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount and Bong counties. The Atlanta Life boss stated further that the factory will shortly begin producing juices.

For his part, the business partner to Mr. Krishore Gurbani, Chetan Parumalani who has spent over 30 years in Liberia as a businessman said this company has come to provide the Liberian people with safe drinking water because for too long the public has been drinking low purified water, a situation alluded to being responsible for sicknesses that some people suffer from drinking unsafe water.  He said Liberia is now safe with the introduction of Atlanta Life Purified Natural Mineral Water on the market. “We are concerned about the people’s health; you know water is life and therefore it must be safe for drinking,” he added.