In St. Paul Bridge Land Dispute: Unanimous Verdict In Favor Of Defendant

The Petit Jury sitting at the Civil Law Court in its March Term, last Thursday, rendered a unanimous ‘not liable” verdict n favor of Defendant, Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama in an Action of Ejectment filed by Subah Belleh and Associates which proceedings started on April 30, 2013 at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

Following final argument in the case, in which lawyers representing both parties presented their sides of the case to the Jury, Presiding Judge of the Civil Law Court, Sixth Judicial Circuit,  J. Boima Kontoe instructed the Jury to enter the Room of deliberation and examine the evidence (both documentary and oral) as trier of facts and render judgment based only on the evidence before them.

The Jury after more an hour of deliberation, returned and handed the verdict over to the Clerk of Court which was read in open court declaring Defendant, Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama not liable.

Prior to the Jury deliberation, lawyers representing both Plaintiff and Defendant in their final arguments vehemently in an attempt try to convince the jurors in what their verdict should be.

The Plaintiff’s Legal team which comprises of the Jones and Jones Law Firm and Heritage and Partners Law Firm argued that the Plaintiff in these proceedings has superior title to the Defendant’s on grounds that Plaintiff purchased the subject property on November 14, 1986 and probated the deed on December 11, 1987 thus satisfying the requirement of the law.

Plaintiff’s Counsel further argued that after the purchase of the subject property, Plaintiff has exercised possession and authority over the said property with tenants/Lessees living thereon under its authority. According to Plaintiff’s Counsel, the Plaintiff has a clear and convincing title as compared to that of the Defendant taking into consideration the time of purchase, probation and control over the property since 1986.