Liberian Entrepreneur Trust Launched

The Liberian Entrepreneur Trust was launched last night at the Krystal Ocean View Hotel in Monrovia.

At the launch, the Liberian Entrepreneur Trust was issued 3,000,000 shares in Liberian Iron Ore, a Liberian exploration company seeking tenure over Wologizi Range.

Representatives from Liberian Iron informed the attendees that the company made a formal application for Wologizi Range to the Liberian Government on 17 April 2013.  The Trust will invest in other sectors of the Liberian economy including agriculture, hydrocarbon and manufacturing.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was given credit for the inspiration of the Liberian Entrepreneur Trust by Dominic Marinelli, Director of Liberian Iron and Terrain Capital and Mr. Sam Jackson, shareholder and consultant.

The inspiration was drawn from her autobiography in which she described that one of Liberia’s biggest challenges is to find approaches, policies and mechanisms whereby citizens can play an important role in the economy.

Speakers included Fomba Trawally, Chairman of the Interim Board of the Trust and President of Coalition of Liberian Business Organizations and Ms.  Elizabeth Bannerman, Co-chair, and President of the Liberian Women Chamber of Commerce expressed hope that the Liberian Entrepreneur Trust has found the balance that will over the time result in the development of indigenous entrepreneurs.

The Liberian Entrepreneur Trust is a Liberian domiciled company holding shares for the benefit of       the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), the Liberia Timber & Logging Association and Liberia Women Chamber of Commerce (LWCC).

Others are Concerned Liberian International Business Organization (COLINBO), Fulah Business Association, the Liberia Bankers Association, the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union (Pehn-Pehn Association), Petty Traders Association, Industrial Fishing Association of Liberia, Liberia Chamber of Architects and Lofa Development Corporation.