Buchanan Road Enters Final Phase…CHICO Discloses

China Henan International corporation Group, Ltd. (CHICO) a leading road construction company in the  country has hinted that the Buchanan Road Project which was signed on May 6, 2011, has enter it final phase.    According to Wang Ji, Chief Engineer of the Buchannan Project, the designed and rehabilitation of eight (8) existing bridges including the new state-of-the art  Mechlin Bridge has also reached it final phase.

In an interview with a team of reporters the Project Chief Engineer also disclosed that the company has succeeded in designing and constructing 120 concrete culvert, and that all is now set for the Buchanan Road Project to be turn over to the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works in line with the project time line.

Ji stressed that CHICO will continue to carryout detailed designed quality control which are necessary to achieve the require level of service specified in the contract agreement which the company has and continue to live up to.

He indicated that workers of the company are trained in line with safety rules as well as compliance with established safety plan. He pointed out that training quality engineers and safety officers as well as project management officer are among some of the company’s main ten (10) social responsibility.

Making the disclosure, Ji said the new Mechlin Bridge has a life spin of one hundred (100)

years while the 57 km asphalt road is about 9.5 meters wide. He said the new pavement has the capacity to withstand the huge flow of traffic.

Similarly, an official of the company Joseph N.N. Swen  lamented that constant down pour of rain during the rainy season has and continue to be a major challenge in which the company is currently striving to tackle.

Swen said since CHICO started its operations in Liberia the Company has positively contributed to the economic growth as well as the reconstruction drive of Liberia.

He mentioned that the company is currently being Liberianize with several workers’ of the company benefiting from a number of training opportunity (especially operating earth moving equipment).He said plans are a foot to construct  a multi million dollars regional headquarters that will serve other West African countries.

Swen explained that CHICO has always been sensitive to the need of Liberians and will at all time avoid conflict. He also disclosed that in order to successfully complete the Buchanan Road project as well as meeting the time line, CHICO assisted in pre financing part of the demolition exercise.

The 57 km asphalt road which has increased commercial activities in the port city of Buchanan is expected to be turn over to the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works as part of government deliverable.