Midwives Shortage At J.J. Dossen Hospital

By Lewis Verdier in Harper, Maryland Countyhe lack of sufficient

Tmidwives at the J.J.Dossen Hospital in Harper, Maryland County is causing a major setback in the operation of the hospital.

According to our correspondent in the county, the lack of midwives is making a change in shift difficult daily.

The Nursing Director at the J.J. Dossen Hospital, Mrs. Patricia Jackson said the hospital is

doing its best to control maternal mortality but with only six midwives, it is difficult to work around the clock in dispensing health care to pregnant women or new born babies.

Mrs. Jackson said there is a need to provide training for midwives in the county and increase the manpower in the maternal section of the hospital which is one of the major health care centers in the county.

The Nurse Director said the hospital had a program with trained traditional midwives in the communities but the only task now is to encourage them bring their patients to the hospital.

The hospital also handles a great number of referral maternal cases from the refugee camps and at least 15 trained midwives are needed to augment the manpower at the hospital.