GOL Interested In ELWA Cooper Land Dispute

GOL Interested In ELWA Cooper Land Dispute

By Janjay F. Campbell

The Minister of Information Cultural and Tourism, Lewis Brown has disclosed that the government of Liberia is interested in the ELWA Cooper Beach land dispute.

Speaking with reporters yesterday in the ELWA community, Minister Brown said the government has to enforce the law and at the same time the government has to seek the interest of its people because the situation is very pathetic and that these people are now faced with homeliness.

The Liberian government says, it is critically studying the ELWA land crisis as it is a difficult situation to deal with and the Information Minister Lewis Brown indeed said that the crisis is difficult because it involves a court order and thousands of citizens are affected by the demolition exercise.

Also speaking with reporters, Representative Snowe said the court has given its ruling and as a community all they have to do is to appeal to the Cooper family. He stressed that US$10,000 is too much and that he is going to ask the President to send someone from her office to work along with the district to see how best they can resolve the situation.

According to Representative Snowe, the Cooper family wants those who are on their land to pay US$10,000 which is too much before they evaluate the houses and asked to pay. He said the situation needs to be resolved quickly to enable those who have been rendered homeless find solution to their situation.

Meanwhile more than 200 residents in the ELWA District #6 community were on Tuesday allegedly put out of their homes by the Cooper family who has claimed more than 120 acres of land which begins from the ELWA police station and beyond. According to some of the residents, they were not notified by anyone but only saw their homes being broken down by men believed to be acting on the orders of the Cooper family.

The residents’ homes were demolished and belongings put out as a result of a court order giving the legitimate rights to the Cooper family of over hundred acre of land. The situation degenerated into violent protests Tuesday morning leaving several persons wounded from a riot between the police and community dwellers.