Water Impedes Traffic Flow At LPRC

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr. (Cub Reporter)

Citizens within Freeport, Peugeot Garage Community have complained of poor drainage system near the LPRC fence that is impeding the free flow of traffic in the area.   The road leading from the Bushrod Island to central Monrovia continues to experience severe flooding thus, causing traffic congestion in the area.

In an interview with some residents of the community including Ansumana  Konateh, he said the rainy season has just arrived with roads looking very bad. Mr. Konateh said if nothing is done quickly to remedy the situation serious damages will be caused on the road as vehicles and people find it difficult to drive and go through the dirty water that sets near the LPRC fence near Freeport.

He then called on Government to ensure that the drainage system from the bridge to the Freeport of Monrovia be opened so as to allow the free flow of the water whenever it rains.

Other residents said if the drainage is properly worked on the water will flow freely and ease the huge traffic being experienced daily.

The residents said not only within the Freeport community that water usually sets but in every part of the city. They want the drainage system wildly opened to avoid drainages get clogged.

Another resident, Margaret Yarngo said when the water overflows, it sometimes entered their homes.

“Everyone is seeing it and few are suffering from it; we are going through hell in this community concerning this issue of poor drainage system,” Madam Yarngo averred.

Madam Yarngo added that not only the rain is causing the problem but LPRC pumps from the fence which are along the roadside are pumping out water from the fence.

“The water sometimes flows from the fence of LPRC and that is why we are appealing to government to act quickly to ensure that the drainage be fixed,” she concluded.