Three Rice Trucks Seized At Ganta Border

The Joint Security in Ganta, headed by the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization over the weekend seized four trucks loaded with huge Consignments of rice at the main Ganta port of entry in Nimba County.

According to immigration sources the total of four trucks were arrested on the 4th of May 2013 at the Ganta Port of entry while attempting to cross into Guinea at about 6:p.m. when the border was closed.

The arrest was carried out by the joint security at the Ganta point of entry and the trucks were later taken to Gbarnga, Bong County. Our source said one of the trucks could not be taken to Gbarnga due to mechanical problem but the other three trucks were in good condition.  The three trucks bearing plate #s-TT-1204, TT-983 and TT-1294 are currently in Bong County at the Gbarnga Iron Gate Check Point while mechanics are also working on the malfunctioned truck in Ganta so as to have it removed to Gbarnga also for further investigation.

The three trucks are said to be loaded with huge consignment of Thai Rice and butterfly white rice and the importer of these rice are yet to be established. Transporting rice out of Liberia is an economic crime but importers do this for profit-making since the commodity is sold at a higher price outside Liberia. Rice is a-contraband goods. Contraband goods are goods that are not to leave Liberia for commercial gain.

The trucks were under the supervision of Varmonyan Dorlay and Mohamed Sow who are currently undergoing security investigation.

Speaking to this paper at the main border in Ganta the Commerce Regional Inspector, John Y Kouh confirmed that the trucks were carrying huge consignment of rice from Monrovia to Guinea without documents from the Ministry of Commerce or the Ministry of Justice which is a violation of the laws of Liberia. He stated that smuggling is prohibited under the law.

The commerce inspector said while trying for he and his workers to unload the rice from the trucks for auction at the Ganta Port of Entry, the joint Security at the main border headed by Maj. Betty Benson refused on ground that the Minister of Justice has ordered that the rice be taken to Monrovia for further investigation.

When contacted the joint security chairlady at the border in Ganta Maj. Betty Benson refused to comment but said that the case is above her jurisdiction. “Anything you want to know go to Monrovia,” she said.

Ganta border is one of the main transit points of entry with hundred of traders.

For the past week, rumors have been circulating in Nimba especially from Ganta where Guineans continue to smuggle rice, cement, and gas at the main border in Ganta but this report has been denied by some members of the joint security and the Ministry of Commerce. . Investigation continues…