LIBA Boss At U.S., Liberia Partnership Dialogue

The President of the Liberian Business Association Dee-Maxwell Kemayah has left the country for the United States to represent LIBA at America’s Inaugural US-Liberia Partnership Dialogue to be convened on May 7, 2013 in Washington DC, the United States of America.

Speaking with reporters before his departure, Mr. Kemayah said the dialogue will afford Liberia the opportunity to showcase its economic growth, agriculture, food security, energy, and power infrastructure among others.

Mr. Kemayah noted that the US-Liberia Dialogue in Washington will also attract foreign investors to Liberia and that the private sector is pleased to be a part of the Liberian delegation stressing that LIBA is concerned about sustained economic growth and development in post war Liberia.

Mr. Kemayah pointed out that energy and agriculture are the bedrocks of any society and that it is important for government to seek the support of development partners including the United States of America.

He disclosed that the dialogue will be characterized by series of thematic discussions, highlighting other issues such as land, energy and infrastructures.

The LIBA Boss said economic growth cannot be achieved in the absence of the indigenous businesses taking control and reclaiming their own economy.

He said agriculture and food security remain a key interest to the Liberian business community adding that Liberia needs to work toward feeding itself and at the same time be resolved in restoring power to the country.

Mr. Kemayah disclosed that fifty-four percent of the operational cost of businesses go towards energy and that LIBA is supportive of the move by the Liberian government to broker partnership with major world economies to salvage most of the huge development needs of Liberia.

The LIBA President commended Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan and the entire Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the support provided in acquiring the much needed documents to make the trip to the United States of America.

Mr. Kemayah is also commending the Government and people of the United States for their invaluable support toward the reconstruction and development of Liberia. He said the United States remains the largest single donor to Liberia’s development agenda and that the Liberian Business Association is very pleased and honored to be a part of the Inaugural US-Liberia Partnership Dialogue expected to convene in Washington DC, the United States of America.

The LIBA Boss promised to use the trip to the US to broker partnership with other investors in terms of networking and explore opportunities in the interest of LIBA.

He said empowerment of the indigenous remains key for any African country to control illicit cash flow on the continent and that at a recent meeting with former South African President Thabo Mbeki in Monrovia; he recommended that if the indigenous businesses are empowered, they will be able to create more jobs thereby controlling the flow of cash in Africa.

While Mr. Kemayah will be away in the United States, the LIBA Vice President for Administration, Mr. S. Osiboi Yahmia will represent the association.