Indeed, The Educational System Must Be Overhauled

ON FRIDAY, PRESIDENT Ellen Johnson Sirleaf gave more reasons to support her recent comment that the country’s educational system is in a complete mess and needs total overhauling.

SPEAKING WHEN SHE addressed a one day National Education Roundtable Conference in Monrovia over the weekend, President Sirleaf said her remarks about the state of the nation’s education are supported by her personal experience with students and school authorities across the country.

ACCORDING TO PRESIDENT Sirleaf, although school authorities have good intentions for developing Liberia’s human capital, they lack the capacity to impart quality education to Liberian students.

IN HER REMARKS, President Sirleaf observed that schools are not furnished, lack libraries and laboratories, coupled with government officials’ failure to travel around the hinterland to get first-hand information on the learning condition of Liberian children. At the tertiary level, the President said she is worried that university graduates are equally performing poorly as some are unable to write fitting letters.

THE LIBERIAN LEADER said these shortcomings have compounded Liberia’s quest for a revamped education sector, and that unless all stakeholders can redirect their time, energy and resources, Liberia will continue to face problems in providing quality education, and this, she said, is unacceptable.

INDEED, WE CONCUR with President Sirleaf that the educational system needs serious reform and must be overhauled if Liberia is to produce professionals who will compete with others in our neighboring countries. Liberia can only be on par with other nations in education if stakeholders in the educational sector including the Ministry of Education begin to look at problems that are facing the sector and address those areas of concern.

WE THEREFORE URGE stakeholders who attended the one day Roundtable to ensure that those major educational challenges be dealt with and practical strategies adequately addressed to improve the educational system.

AS THE PRESIDENT rightly said, stakeholders should not make the outcome of the Roundtable just another paperwork as had been the case with other sectors. We demand that concrete action be taken in addressing these problems because as we all know Liberia’s educational system is in serious mess and needs to be overhauled and the Ministry of Education must take the lead in addressing this appalling situation.

THE MINISTRY OF Education and other partners must find solutions aimed at providing quality education because we strongly believe that if the stakeholders are not proactive in solving these grave problems we are afraid that our country will be unable to build the national capacities of its young people bearing in mind that these problems are not only limited to primary and secondary levels but as well as our universities and colleges.

WHILE WE CALL on the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to play their respective roles in addressing these issues, we also call on national government to ensure that the necessary resources are provided to the educational sector if these problems are to be solved.

THOUGH WE AGREE with President Sirleaf that the educational system needs to be overhauled, we are also counting on her statement that her administration will respond to these problems. Again, we believe that support from the government and stakeholders’ prompt action will help in providing quality education.