Ecobank Disproves MOTC Claims

Ecobank Disproves MOTC Claims

It has been revealed that Mr. James Sirleaf went to one of Ecobank’s local branches to influence officials of the bank to alter the Ducor Petroleum account information so as to confirm his claim that MOTC’S Charles Carron was not a signatory to the two bank accounts operated by Ducor Petroleum inc. at that bank.

In a release issued yesterday disclosed that a letter addressed to Baker Tilly Liberia dated April 9, 2013, Ecobank confirmed that Mr. Carron was indeed a signatory to both accounts operated by Ducor Petroleum.

According to the document, the Ecobank account #0061014799164102 has had three transactions processed in it since it was opened five years ago. The first of said transactions was US$94,000.00 paid by Firestone Plantations company for petroleum products supplied to it by Ducor Petroleum Inc. The other two amounting to US$6,700.00 (Six Thousand Seven Hundred U.S. Dollars), were paid by National Port Authority(NPA) for diesel fuel supplied to it by Joy Service Stations on behalf of Ducor Petroleum Inc.

According to our investigation, the Firestone payment was used as part payment of a bill of US$675,000.00 (six Hundred Seventy Five Thousand United States Dollars) submitted by Joy Service Service Stations to Ducor Petroleum Inc. for   gasoline and diesel fuel supplied to six vehicles used by Ducor for its Operations and office generator for a period of seven years, during which time the company realized revenue of over Two Hundred Twenty Million United States Dollars and profit of over Eleven Million Dollars.

Following years of claims and counter-claims on the issues of said profit and other benefits, the MOTC and Ducor agreed to peacefully resolve their differences after the audit that was commissioned by both parties. This decision was reached by them on November 27, 2012 prior to James Sirleaf joining the MOTC as its General Manager on December 1, 2012.

Effort to get Mr. Sirleaf (The President’s son) on the line proved unsuccessful, as his mobile phone rang endlessly. Investigation continues.