Sabanoh Brings Modern Equipment…New Management Assures Of Quality

The new management of the Sabanoh Enterprises Inc formerly Sabonah Printing Press has boasted of the arrival of some modern printing machines which according to them are here to settle all of Liberia’s printing problems.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday upon the arrival of the machines, Mr. Sam Saryon, Executive Manager of Sabanoh Enterprises Inc, said that the company which has been the pioneer printing house of Liberia is back in the business with its utmost zeal.

The Executive Manager told journalists that the equipment that’s worth over US$1.5m will be arranged at their Capitol Bye-Pass and will take the next two weeks to commence full operations following the successful installation.

According to Mr. Saryon, the new management has put into place all the needed mechanisms aimed at restoring the pioneer’s printing house to its former status. In so doing, the Sabanoh Enterprises Inc executive said a number of activities and printing works that would be done with the arrival of the new equipment is assured. He named the printing of games’ tickets, banners, billboards, stickers, flyers and t-shirts as well as other sophisticated and electronic printings.

With the quality of machines brought into the country by the new Sabanoh’s administration, Mr. Saryon assured that they are prepared to produce some of the best quality prints Liberia has ever experienced.

He also assured newspapers and magazine owners as well as government institutions that they will not have to travel out of Liberia for any printing purpose, indicating that Sabanoh Enterprises Inc now has all the machines needed to perform any sophisticated printing.

At the same time, Sabanoh Enterprises Inc has recommitted itself to confidentiality and professional about its clients’ work. The management also distanced itself from any act that would be seen as a violation of press freedom.

When asked as to whether their institution will not be used by government to silence or intrude into other media institutions, the management reacted with a resounding no, indicating that the institution will strive to upkeep its credibility.

The management further disclosed that the machines were accompanied by a foreign national who will train the Liberian staff. “Right after the training period the white fellow will return home. ‘We want to give Liberians the opportunity to operate these machines,’ the Executive Manager added.

Meanwhile, the management of Sabanoh Enterprises Inc has disclosed that additional printing equipment in the tone of over US$2m are expected in Liberia in the next two weeks.

“Government entities as well as local and international NGOs will not have to send their printing works out of the country anymore. We have all the sophistications, electrical machines and other modern machines that have good and quality outputs,” Mr. Saryon concluded.

Lastly, Mr. Saryon lauded the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for affording Liberians the opportunity to compete with other big businesses.