NPP Partisans On Chairman’s Back

Partisans of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) has taken issues with the Party Chairman Cllr. Theophilus Gould on ground that he is unilaterally possessing party’s properties and operating same without the knowledge of the Executive Committee.

In a statement issued in Monrovia on Wednesday, the Chairpersons of the Council of fifteen Counties, Stalwarts and other members of the Executive Committee of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), including the party’s Legislative Caucus, are calling on the current Chairman of the party Cllr. Theophilus Gould to make available to the Executive Committee of the party, the land deeds for the party’s property situated on the Tubman Boulevard in Sinkor.

According to the statement, the Council of Chairpersons wrote Chairman Gould recently, calling on him to immediately disclose and make available to the Executive Committee of the party, agreements upon which Ezzat Eid and TOTAL are occupying the party’s property.

In the letter addressed to Cllr. Gould, the NPP Council of County Chairpersons said, “We are curious to know on what terms, the owners of the TOTAL Gas Station and Eid Brothers are currently occupying the NPP properties in Sinkor”.

The NPP council of County Chairpersons further stated that the NPP by-laws and Constitution demand according to Article 5, sec. 5.13 that all such properties, including documents shall be kept at all times with the National Treasurer of the Party.

The letter stated that the Council anticipated that these concerns would have claimed the attention of Cllr. Gould, but had fallen on deaf ears.

The Council is therefore demanding that Cllr.  T.C. Gould act properly in accordance with the Executive Committee’s request to turn over all land deeds and agreements as stipulated in the party’s constitution and by-laws.

The National Patriotic Party, which brought Charles Taylor to power in a land slide victory (93% of the votes cast) in 1997, is currently struggling to reinvent itself as a viable party with an enduring and extensive grass roots following.

The current Standard Bearer of the party is former First Lady, now senior Senator from Bong County, Hon. Jewel Howard Taylor. She is up for re-election next year; in a contest, political pundits believe it’s still too close to call.

Political observers have noted that if the NPP can get rid of the current discord among the party’s hierarchy, it will be able to put forward a formidable bid for the Executive Mansion in 2017.

It has been revealed recently that the party’s real estate, worth several million United States Dollars, has been mortgaged by the current Chairman and others who the party had entrusted with.

As a result of this startling revelation, the NPP Executive Committee has persistently asked the Chairman to convene a National Executive Committee meeting in order to respond to the concerns of the partisans.

The current Chairman is reported to have consistently failed to make available these documents with pertinent information to the NPP Executive Committee. He is also accused of failing to call a convention for the party, something that should have been since December 12 last year.