Big Technological Company To Operate Here

An investment of a little over US$1m is being set up in the country under the auspices of the GateWay Development International to be known and styled GateWay Development Liberia.

According to Mr. Adam P. Saffer, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GateWay Development International based in the United States, the new company will attempt in a serious manner to introduce a number of modern technologies to Liberia as the country strives to rebuild its infrastructure.

He further disclosed that as time goes by and the investment is spreading, the company intends to pump from US$10m to US$20m in its Liberia’s operations.

Mr. Saffer an engineer with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Gateway International is setting up its Liberia office which will serve as the base for its West Africa operation.

He told the INQUIRER yesterday that the company will be engaged in three major areas of technological advancement to help strengthen Liberia’s drives to enhance and improve her infrastructures.

He said the company intends to introduce a chemical to develop and make bricks that are water proof, better and cheaper for the Liberian market. He said such bricks or concrete will be used to foster the country’s infrastructural development.

The Gateway International Executive said the company will also introduce and products that would be used to build roads by removing the soil and make the laterite stronger, water proof thus lasting for many years without any pot holes.

He said the company Gateway Development Liberia also intends to introduce this technology which is both American and Canadian.

Mr. Saffer also stressed the need to improve Liberia Water supply system noting that the present Water Treatment Plant was constructed some sixty years ago. He said the company will be involved in water and waste treatment using modern technology.

The Gateway International Executive who has worked in Africa and other parts of the world with an experience of over 20 years noted that Liberia needs to graduate from using old technology to modern ones as other countries in the world are forging ahead. “Seriously there are modern technologies that can help save money and improve the system,” he added.

He disclosed that in setting up Gateway Development Liberia, he and his entourage are engaged in discussions with the Ministry of Public Works, the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation and other related agencies.

Mr. Saffer said the new company has a Liberian as Director, Mr. Sylvester Selekoh while Mr. Arthur Katee Gbabon another Liberian who resides in the United States will be in and out of the country to get the investment off the ground. He then promised to work and strengthen the company from its international Headquarters in the United States.