UL Frowns On Agro Students

The Administration of the University of Liberia has strongly frowned on the behaviors of a group of students from the College of Agriculture and Forestry, who on Friday, April 26, 2013, held hostage the Dean of the College, Dr. Roland Massaquoi and some professors at the University Fendall Campus, outside Monrovia.

The students wrongly accused Dean Massaquoi of misappropriating USD$100,000.0O, which they alleged was a scholarship fund donated to their college by Golden Vereleum.

The students also accused Dr. Massaquoi of lip service to the development of the College, the lack of field trips and practicums for the lessons they are now taking.

Investigation currently being conducted by the President of the University, Dr. Emmet A. Dennis, reveals that the students’ protest was as a result of the lack of information and communication between the students and the College. It has also been discovered that all the allegations levied against the Dean are all misinformation based on hear-say and rumors.

The President of the University, therefore, having heard both sides of the problem, has decided to appoint two committees to probe into the matters and make reports and recommendations to the UL Administration to establish the responsibility for the cause of the rampage.

The first committee will be headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of the University. It will include Dean Massaquoi, who will re-examine the curriculum as it affects field trips and practicums.

The second committee will investigate the violence itself which took place on the campus to establish those who are responsible and recommend possible sanctions where possible.

Meanwhile, regular classes will continue at the College of Agriculture and Forestry and all the campuses of the University until the committees conclude their investigations and make reports for prompt actions so as to continue to pursuit the College’s mission that is germane to personal and national development once again.

Dr. Dennis is therefore appealing to Dr. Massaquoi, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Forestry and the professors who were held hostage by the students to kindly continue their normal activities at the College until the problem is brought to a logical conclusion.

Likewise, the President is also appealing to the students to return to classes and continue their normal academic work, while the committees are carrying on their investigations to establish the facts surrounding the protest and resolve the issues.