Media Group Takes Issue With Inberia

Inberia Incorporated, one of Liberia’s brewing/liquor factories, has once again come under the spotlight and this time around stands accused of bad labor practice at its distillery plant on Bushrod Island in Monrovia.

Sometime ago, Inberia Incorporated and other distillery companies were reportedly booked by Government of Liberia for allegedly producing the banned drip brand of alcoholic beverages which was being abused by under-aged children in and across Monrovia as well as other parts of the country.

From an in-depth investigation launched into the report by the Media for the Enhancement of Democracy in Liberia (MEDIL) through its Chairman, Mike Jabateh, to ascertain the true of the matter, it also turned out that not only is Inberia Incorporated is fond of engaging in bad labor practice, its workers at the operational plant are reported to be working under unpleasant atmosphere as they are without protective safety gears.

Scores of Inberia Incorporated workers confided in MEDIL that management without due regard of Liberia’s labor law, has institutionalized a system at the workplace which makes it mandatory that each factory worker washes at least 600 empty bottles and is marked LD$200 after a hard day’s work.

The despondent Inberia Incorporated workers who pleaded with MEDIL not to be named, have complained of the lack of medical benefit and pointed an accusing finger at management of not paying them for overtime for respective jobs being performed at the workplace by them, predominantly women.

MEDIL, in a release issued today, April 29, 2013 in Monrovia, considered the report of bad labor practice at Inberia Incorporated as disturbing and inhumane as exhibited by management against the workers’ human rights to obtain a job and live a decent life.

MEDIL, in the meantime, is calling on the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Labor relevant bureau to institute an inquiry/investigation into the report of bad ‘labor practice at the lnberia Incorporated so as to put a check to the unbearable working amosphere at this liquor industry located on Bushrod Island in Monrovia before it gets out of hand.

When the management of Inberia Incorporated was approached by MEDIL for comments on the alleged bad labor practice at its factory, the management refuted the workers’ claims and termed same as misleading I not true.

Inberia Incorporated management disclosed that the workers were benefiting from medical treatment at the Redemption Hospital and all being paid salaries in different categories as well as the company is in no way in violation of the Labor Law of Liberia.