Lauding The World Bank

THE WORLD BANK has earmarked US$80 million to frontload a new infrastructural project in Liberia, the construction of the Ganta-Fishtown Highway. According to a release, the commitment constitutes an initial contribution towards the project, subject to the approval of the Bank’s Board in a scheduled May 2013 meeting.

THE LATEST FUNDING was secured in Washington DC at the recent World Bank and IMF Spring Meeting, where the Liberian delegation, headed by Finance Minister, Amara Konneh made a strong case for the Bank’s intervention in supporting the Agenda for Transformation (AfT), by negotiating an increase in and frontloading Liberia’s International Development Association’s (IDA) credit allocations for fiscal year 2014 (FY14). The delegation further secured preliminary commitment from the Bank to allocate 80 percent of the country’s development envelop to infrastructure and 20 percent on human and social services.

DURING A HIGH level meeting with the World Bank Africa Vice President, Mr. Makhtar Diop, Minister Konneh and team raised the importance of sustaining economic growth and development through investment. He informed the World Bank officials that Liberia has made tremendous progress towards its infrastructural development program out of which Government has made infrastructure including energy its number one national priority.

INDEED, WE LAUD the World Bank for earmarking such an amount for the construction and or rehabilitation of the Ganta-Fishtown Road, a major project of the Liberian government which stands to benefit thousands of Liberian citizens residing in that part of the country.

THE REHABILITATION OF the Ganta-Fishtown Road is very essential to the economic development of the country as this will open a line of trade and commerce in the southeastern part of Liberia. As a result of the deplorable road condition especially in the rural parts of the country our citizens continue to face difficult situations in getting their produce to the market.

THE BAD ROAD condition has stalled every economic activity in the country as our people in the rural areas are unable to transport their goods to other parts of Liberia especially in Monrovia where they can sell and purchase goods and services to boost the economy of the country. This is a difficult challenge and that is why we are lauding the World Bank for its thoughtfulness in earmarking this money for rehabilitation of major roads that lead to the southeastern parts of Liberia.

AS WE CONCLUDE, we believe that the rehabilitation of the Ganta-Fishtown Highway will serve as a major economic boost to the Government’s developmental drives and helping the people of the southeast in carrying on their trade and commercial activities without any hindrance again. We also want to thank Minister Konneh and his able team for such good negotiation. This is a worthy cause for which our Finance Minister deserves commendation. Keep up the good job, Mr. Konneh and a big thank you again to one of our major partners, the World Bank.