Ellen Wants Primary Edu. Prioritized…As Bassa Community College Put Out First Graduates

Ellen Wants Primary Edu. Prioritized...As Bassa Community College Put Out First Graduates

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has stressed the need for the prioritization of primary and secondary education as a means of preparing young Liberians in their educational sojourn.

Serving as Commencement Speaker at ceremony marking the first commencement exercise of the Grand Bassa County Community College (GBCC), President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf   emphasized the importance of primary and secondary education which she said will prepare Liberian youths to compete with other students in Africa and the rest of the world.

The President said education is the key to a transformed life and as such Liberian youths must take advantage of the opportunity being provided by government to better prepare them to be able to catch up with present day realities.

The Liberian leader said if Liberia is to produce professionals in the technical areas, focus must be placed on primary and secondary education where the foundation of the children will be built before moving forward in pursuit of higher education.

Madam Sirleaf stressed the need for Liberian youths to be serious with education because good and quality education are catalysts to addressing poverty and underdevelopment in the country. She said government is aware of the circumstances and challenges facing the educational sector and that is why her government has decided to convene a major roundtable conference to address some of the challenges facing the sector.

Pres. Sirleaf then lauded the Board of Trustee, the President, faculty and staff of the Grand Bassa Community College and called on the first graduating class to be examples to others who would want to pursue higher education in the county.

She reminded the graduates that graduation is about improving the economy. “This will contribute significantly to the economic development of the country,” she stated. Madam Sirleaf assured the administration of the GBCC that government will follow up on the many challenges facing the newly established institution to ensure that the GBCC gets some of the things needed to move the institution forward.

The Grand Bassa Community College, one of the newly established community colleges across the country over the weekend, put out its first graduating class of 138 students.

The college is not only serving the citizens of Grand Bassa County; it is also providing tertiary and technical vocational education for other counties including, Rivercess, Bong, Margibi, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh Counties.

Presently, the college offers Associate Degree in several disciplines including Agriculture and Food Sciences, Business, Engineering, & Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Teacher Education and Religious Studies; Morrison O.G. Sayon writes.