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Cllr. Scott Admonishes SASAMOH Officials

By Janjay F. Campbell

Former Maryland County Senator, Gloria Musu Scott has encouraged members of the Secretarial and Administrative Support Staff Association of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (SASAMOH) to be strong and make their organization a national one.

Cllr. Scott who was the keynote speaker at the launching ceremony of SASAMOH held at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare yesterday said secretaries are very important and that they suffer a lot. She stressed that secretaries have to be excellent and that they are there to serve.

She said discrimination against women is wrong and that women nowadays want everything and stressed that there are secretaries out there who need the protection of SASAMOH.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the chief launcher, GbehzohngarFinley said the job of a secretary is very difficult. To the members of SASAMOH, he said “you are important, without you, we will not be able to deliver and that the comfort we have in our offices, you are responsible”.

Senator Finley encouraged members of SASAMOH to be strong and that members of the organization should encourage secretaries in other ministries and agencies to join the organization. He said he is proud to see the efforts that members of SASAMOH have made to see the day successful.

Giving the historic overview of Secretary’s Day, Quitina B. Cooper noted that April 24, each year marks a milestone in the lives of professionals in Liberia and the world. She said this day is set aside to commemorate International Secretary Day and to honor and recognize efforts of secretaries and administrative support staff for the hard work they do during the years.

She noted further that the increased need for skilled administrative personnel began with the need to write and record activities during World War II for the future. Towards that effort the National Secretaries Association was formed in the United States of America in 1951.

According to Madam Cooper, Liberia remains challenging; many still have to do with the manual typewriters. Even when computers have evolved, it is still limited for each office; giving the secretaries additional tasks.

The Executive Secretary to Dr. Gwenigale said, “I dream that Liberia will someday have a secretarial organization that will shine its beam globally, in recognizing the hard and dedicated work done by this class of employees. We envisage this establishment as one where secretaries will come together adequately skilled, highly confident, properly coordinated to share experiences and learnings”.

Madam Cooper noted that it is upon this basis that they decided to start within the Ministry of Health and share their ideas with Minister Gwenigale who wholeheartedly welcomed the idea and amplified the need to take the idea from an institutional level to a national and later international level.

She noted that this led to the first meeting and subsequent meetings followed which gave birth to the Secretarial and Administrative Support Staff Association of the Ministry of Health (SASAMOH). She said, “Today I am a proud visionary seeing this organization being launched; I have no regret for campaigning this cause. It took us sleepless nights and tireless efforts, days of aggressive reading, critical analysis, constant research and consultations to reach thus far”.



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