SSF Speed-Up Barclayville-Kanweaken Road

Barclayville-Kanweaken road, 86 kilometers stretch, in far southeastern Liberia which has been cut-off and extremely dilapidated over the years, is currently being rehabilitated on a full scale.

The rehabilitation work of the road is being undertaken by SSF Entrepreneur Incorporated, a Liberian registered road construction company. Engineers along with earth-moving equipment and the necessary man-power have since been deployed to implement the project on time.

In order to tackle the appalling condition of the road, the company’s engineers developed a strategy in three ways to enable them, to carry out the job, in line with provisions that are enshrined in the contract design. The strategy includes what the engineers called spot improvement, clearing stage and formation stage. All, when combine would show that the company has done 65 percent of work, so far on the road.

“These stages are simultaneously working; we are experiencing too much of rains in this region and so we want to expedite our work,” Richard, an engineer from SSF said.

With the level of work SSF has done so far, authorities and citizens of Barclayville have shown much appreciation and lauded the company.

Madam Elizabeth Dempster, Superintendent of Barclayville who revealed that the road was constructed in the early 70s said prior to taking over her post it (the road) was in a worst condition to the extent that it became inaccessible to motorists describing the situation as “terrible like the ancient days” when peasants trekked weeks from one farm to another to make ends meet.

“I am very impressed with the level of work SSF has done on the road. Our people have been living in a nightmare for longtime but thanks to God who guided this company to undertake the rehabilitation of this road,” Madam Dempster said.

When quizzed on what she expects in terms of development initiatives in Barclayville with the completion of the project, Superintendent Demspter said she believed there would be massive reduction in transport fairs charged by motor drivers transport passengers from Monrovia to that southeastern provincial city.

Apparently over joy, over the fast pace at which the road rehabilitation work is going on, the Grand Kru County Superintendent said moreover, he believed that commercial activities would boom and rapidly increase in different forms and shapes in Barclayville. “Our people are benefiting from employment opportunities being provided by SSF,” she added.

Gba Nyouwon, paramount chief of Kpilio Chiefdom which covers Barclayville City, said his kinsmen had been taken out from what he termed as a dungeon that they had lived in, resulting from the awful status of the road. According to him this was something that had unperfected the living condition his people.

He then thanked SSF for its resilience and commitment shown toward the rehabilitation of the Barclayville-Kanweaken road.  He said he had personally felt the pain of the terrible form in which the road had existed. “I have always walked on foot on this road before SSF started working on it. We only used to have motorbikes running on it,” Nyouwon said.

The Kpilio Chiefdom paramount chief praised SSF adding that its intervention on the road had brought great relief him and his kinsmen.

He said he envisaged that Barclayville would be transformed where its citizens would live modern life. “Our people are poised to give a helping-hand to SSF to ensure that it carries out the road project expeditiously because we stand to benefit from it,” Nyouwon added.