Anti-Mosquito Bulb Coming Soon…Korean Investor Here As LINTRACO’s Guest

A South Korean invented anti-mosquito bulb has been introduced in Liberia for the first time by a visiting Korean investor, S. T. Kim who is also exploring the possibility with partnership with the Liberia Investment & Trading Company (LINTRACO) to build a factory in Liberia.

Speaking in Monrovia yesterday when the visiting Korean paid a courtesy call on the INQUIRER Boss, Philip N. Wesseh, Mr. Kim disclosed that his partnership with a Liberian based company will definitely fast track every possibility of building the bulb factory.

According to him, when the factory is built in Liberia, LINTRACO will be the sole supplier to the Liberian market as well as being granted the permission to supply the African market respectively.

“When you install this bulb anywhere around your house, it will drive away mosquitoes. It will not kill the mosquito it has all what it takes to keep mosquitoes away from your home,” Mr. Kim stated.

Mr. Kim also introduced other products that have been manufactured by his Korean based company that include lights and a new-look solar-panel which according to him will be supplied at an affordable rate on the Liberian market.

Commenting further, the visiting Korean investor indicated that importing the anti-mosquito bulb will cost the ordinary Liberian more to purchase a single bulb, therefore they have decided on an affordable alternative by building the factory in Liberia.

In so doing, Mr. Kim disclosed that a total of nine LINTRACO staff have been designated to travel to South Korea for training. The first batch of trainees will leave the country in two weeks and will spend a month there. Upon their return, the second batch will leave for advanced training for six months.

At the same time, Mr. Kim has revealed that 200 pieces of the anti-mosquito bulbs will be arriving in Liberia shortly.

For his part, INQUIRER boss lauded the Korean for choosing Liberia for the construction of an anti-mosquito bulb factory. Mr. Philip N. Wesseh said it is indeed a huge step toward the anti-malaria fight, stressing that malaria which is hugely caused from mosquito bite is a serious challenge for the country’s health sector.

Mr. Wesseh pledged his readiness and commitment to working with whatever institution that has the desire of producing quality products that would immensely contribute to the economy and health recovery of Liberia.

The visiting South Korean investor also visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he displayed some of the products and explained plans of constructing the anti-mosquito bulb factory in Liberia. As part of arrangements with his Liberian partners, Mr. Kim will also establish an overseas based Liberian company called LINTRACO Korean Ltd, an institution which will serve as the link between Liberia and South Korea.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim has disclosed the prospect of importing one of South Korea’s best parboiled rice in Liberia. According to him the possibility is being discussed.