Methodist Bishop Lauds Planners Of April 12 Demonstrators…For Cutting Off Protest

The Bishop of The United Methodist Church in Liberia, Rev. Dr. John G. Innis, has expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all peace-loving Liberians for the consensus reached in cutting off the planned April 12, 2013 demonstration in the capital, Monrovia.

He said the collective role of the religious community, the Liberian Government and civil society groups, as well as heads of foreign governments and other stakeholders in prevailing upon the Coalition for the Transformation of Liberia (CTL) who planned the demonstration to opt for dialogue and negotiation was praiseworthy in that it prevented an eminent danger to Liberia’s hard-earned peace.

“Liberians, in particular, together with our West African brothers and sisters and the rest of the international community, paid a high price for the peace the country presently enjoys. And now that God, through God’s eternal mercy and grace, has finally granted us that peace, we must do everything humanly possible to keep Liberia safe from a renewed tragedy of violence, war, death, destruction and untold suffering”, Bishop Innis further stressed.

Commenting on the issues raised by the CTL, Rev. Dr. Innis said it was prudent for the Government to hold talks with the group for the purpose of adequately addressing those concerns so that Liberia will move forward with a healthy, uninterrupted post-war development agenda.

The UMC Episcopal Head said that while it was the right of every Liberian to be critical of the Ellen-led Government, it was equally proper for Liberians to commend President Sirleaf for the appreciable level of development and the gradual economic recovery under her leadership. He is therefore encouraging the religious community to continue their prayer and fasting for the Government so that God will inspire them to lead Liberia to GOd’S glory and honor.

Making specific mention about corruption, Bishop Innis stated that, “The President graciously recruited and appointed Liberians at home and from abroad with the requisite qualifications to help with the rebuilding of our nation and not for the purpose of enriching themselves. But regrettably, it has been repeatedly observed that there are too many get-rich-quick Liberians serving in her government, rather than helping to serve the nation with a good heart, “the Bishop lamented.

The United Methodist Leader is therefore appealing to President Sirleaf to be vigilant in prosecuting government officials and civil servants accused of corruption and related offenses against the state. He is also calling on those responsible for dispensing justice in such cases to do so with speed and transparency, not being respecter of person, but being guardians and preservers of the nation’s interest.