Indeed, The Internal Wrangling Must Stop

YESTERDAY, A VETERAN Liberia coach, Josiah N. Johnson, appealed to the Executive Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) to immediately put an end to the internal wrangling that is presently ongoing within the Liberia Football Association (LFA), something that has led to the suspension of the Vice President for Operations, Mr. Adolph Lawrence.

IN RECENT TIMES there has been some misunderstanding between the President of the LFA, Mr. Musa Bility and the Vice President for Operations, Mr. Lawrence.

IN A BRIEF chat yesterday when he walked into the offices of The INQUIRER, Coach Johnson said such news of internal wrangling and division within the FA is not healthy at this time when Liberia is making tremendous progress in the FIFA ranking chart and most importantly the Lone Star has three more games remaining in the FIFA World Cup Qualifying round.

THE VETERAN COACH also considered as father of Liberian football averred that all members of the Executive Committee including the President and Vice President for Operations are important to the development of the game in Liberia and as such any misunderstanding between the two officials must be amicably resolved.

HE SAID NOWADAYS football is being used to unify the people and to promote peace adding, “We can’t be peacemakers and at the same time be divided. This is a total contradiction; football unifies people and that is why we at the highest level in football must also unify ourselves.”

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with the veteran coach that any internal wrangling at this time when the national team is fighting hard to qualify for the FIFA World Cup will be unhealthy for the Liberian people who want to see their national colors flying in Brazil for the first time in the nation’s history.

AS JNJ RIGHTLY said, football is a unifying force and if those who are at the helm of the LFA cannot promote peace, Liberia cannot achieve its goal of national reconciliation because peace begins from sports especially football and so those who are responsible for the game should not be divided.

AS THE VETERAN coach said, “A house that is divided cannot stand,” meaning that the FA or the Lone Star will not achieve anything because those who control football in the country are divided and cannot agree.

THAT IS WHY we are joining Coach Josiah N. Johnson to appeal to the two Executive members of the LFA to find an amicable solution to the ongoing situation at the LFA. We want our country to qualify for the World Cup for the first time but this can only be achieved if those who were elected to lead the national team work together for the development of the country through sport.

AGAIN, WE ARE joining one of Liberia’s illustrious sons, JNJ to appeal to our football administrators to stop the internal wrangling and move the development of sports forward especially at this time when Liberia is poised to partake in the World Cup.