Fred Bass Admits Supervising Cadets

Defense fifth witness and co-defendant, Fred Bass Golokeh told the court yesterday that he supervised the fourth phase of the maritime cadet training course which dealt with search and rescue but that swimming was never part of the course.

The defense fifth witness said a video was shown to them on how search and rescue is being conducted at some point in time but it was basically about different people and at different times to include rescuing someone who was in the water and got heart attack and or broken leg.

He said that suggested to him that search and rescue should be rendering medical assistance or providing emergency medical response and give him the understanding to believe what was told to them (cadets) by the late Henry Bryant, buttressed by the Maritime Commissioner Binyah Kesselly and approved by the training director Kou Joseph that swimming was not a prerequisite to search and rescue for a Maritime personnel or cadet.

“So they never told us that swimming would be part of our training and it was not part of our training neither was in our requirement as cadets in training,” Witness Fred answered on the cross.

Witness Fred said he became an employee on ‘probation’ when he proved himself worthy to supervise the search and rescue training even though he was a cadet undergoing training. He said the trainer assigned a fellow cadet as supervisor during every session based on excellent performance having a perfect history of physical fitness.

Witness Fred admitted that he received higher salary due to his elevation but informed the court that from the onset of the training, he was given a letter which specified that his employment as a Maritime cadet was based on probational standards until the training is completed and by then he got stipends as other cadets.

He further confirmed in open court that initially there were no terms of reference in his letter due to the nature of the employment as a mere ‘cadet’ and he performed during the physical training at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium.

He explained how there was no curriculum on the course but the training was based on general concept of what search and rescue would entail therefore they were being trained physically and prepared for their destination which was Egypt so they were occupied with whatever came their way during the training period.

He also admitted that he did get tired and at that time no one person was rescuing anyone but together they were all trying to save themselves as well as pushing others within their reach to the shore, adding, “Bryant assumed that I was tired and requested the floater from me.”

“He put himself in harm’s way because if he had not gone I would had gone in to save others. Ansumana gave me the floater and Bryant requested it from me. He took my place. He was a kind guy and an ultimate sacrifice because he saved people and gave his own life,” witness Fred who claimed that the late Bryant was among his closest friends testified; C. Winnie Saywah reports.