“We Owe TNIMA Students Nothing”…JFK Clarifies Claims

The management of the JFK Medical center says it has no idea of money own students of the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts, TNIMA.

The management through its spokesperson Daylue Goah said the understanding between the Board of Directors of the hospital and TNIMA clearly stated that students will be paid 50 United States dollars during their stay on campus and is not responsible for them during vacation. JFK said the students are in complete error and did not understand the agreement.

The management indicated that sometimes last year TNIMA appealed to the Board of Directors to be given 35 United States dollars as housing allowances since their dormitory was not conducive for living. The board after listening to the students agreed to give them 50 United States dollars instead of 35 that was requested but with a condition that said amount will cover their time on campus as active students.

“The students have been receiving this amount since last year but for the month of January and February, they did not get because they were on vacation and this was clearly stated to them, we are surprised now that it will be misinterpreted” JFK said.

Meanwhile JFK through this medium informed the public that normal academy work is ongoing at the school and the students have resume classes in their numbers ready to serve humility.

“The school bus and cafeteria will run as scheduled there students are encouraged to make use of the opportunity to get to school on time and have their lunch as always done”. JFK noted.

The management however called on the student to respect administrative procedure in addressing their concerns and not always running to the National Legislature.