MIA Seeks International Support For Decentralization

MIA Seeks International Support For Decentralization

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) is seeking support from Liberia’s international partners to help move its decentralization process while the Minister of Internal Affairs, Blamoh Nelson says that many mechanisms have been put into place to drive the country’s decentralization agenda.

Speaking recently at a signing ceremony of the Liberia Decentralization Support Program, Minister Nelson said that no longer is the path to decentralization in the country a guessing business.

The signing ceremony between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Governance Commission was witnessed by some of the country’s international partners, European Union, United Nations Developmental Program, and the Embassy of Sweden, among others.

The Internal Affairs Minister continued that all is prepared for implementation as the plan has a timeline and output indicators which are important to move the decentralization process forward.

Minister Nelson said that now that the Ministry and the Governance Commission has signed the document it is now the responsibility of the Ministries of Finance and Planning to take charge and ensure that funding is secured.

The Country Representative for the United Nations Developmental Program (UNDP), Dominic Sam making remarks at the signing ceremony said that the decentralization document is key to Liberia’s transformation.

Gisela Strand from the Embassy of Sweden said that her government has US$10 million for the five-year program while Paula Vazquez from the European Union said that the document would ensure political participation throughout the country.

Maxwell Dapaah from the World Bank said that the bank would work with other donors to push the decentralization agenda in the country as Yarsuo Weh-Dorlieu from the Governance Commission said that decentralization is important for Liberia.