Bryant Led Us Into The Lagoon

The fourth witness representing the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) in the ongoing case of wrongful deaths of the four cadets while under the supervision of the Authority says Cadet Henry Bryant led them into the lagoon.

According to cadet Lawolo Gibson, as the late Bryant ran into the lagoon on Musa’s Beach other cadets who stood watching gave way due to the height and build of his body and after he passed them, they all followed him into the sea.

Witness Gibson testified that Fred Bass only supervised his colleagues during classroom trainings because he had athletic knowledge but told the court and jury that Fred was also a cadet. He said 13 persons visited the beach on that fateful September 27, 2012.

The witness who at some point told the court while on the cross said, “I can’t remember” while answering to questions posed to him from the plaintiffs’ lawyers later recalled that the men were 11 in number with two absent.

Gibson said it was Cadet Bass who began helping those who drowned and he (Bass) passed the floater to the late Patrick Ansumana who then gave it to the late Bryant because he (Bass) was getting tired in the process.

“Fred Bass was not drowning; he was standing in the water and later decided to help those guys who the water was carrying to bring them onshore,” Witness Gibson reiterated to the plaintiffs’ lawyers direct but persistent in question.

He admitted in open court that they did not plan together as a group to go on the beach but met in sub-groups because when his group arrived on the beach, some of the other cadets were already resting under one of the huts on the beach.

The third witness testifying in favor of the LiMA, Dixon Toti buttressed the fourth witness’ testimony that the cadets were on their own on the beach while the first witness , Executive Director of the LiMA, Kau Kou Joseph informed the court while on the witness stand that at no time did the Authority put the promising cadets in harm’s way while undergoing trainings, C. Winnie Saywah, writes.