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Bassonians Celebrate New Road

Celebration is continuing in Grand Bassa County as the Monrovia/Buchanan Highway is nearing completion. The construction of the main road leading to the port city of Buchanan has finally entered the city with just a portion remaining. One of the few bridges on the road; the bridge over the Camp Merlin River (German Camp) that forms the boundary between No.1 and No.2  Districts may be completed in a month as the concrete bridge has being laid by the CICO construction workers who are paving the highway.

The laying of the coal tar from Cotton Tree to Monrovia Junction near the main city has since been completed while workers are laying coal tar in and around the Bassa Community College, formerly Bassa High School.

“We are very excited to see our road reaching Buchanan city this time because during the war, the fighters spoilt the road so, we want to thank the President for this good job,” an excited middle aged woman said in joyous mood.

The citizens of Grand Bassa have expressed gratitude to the Government of Liberia, the World Bank, the Chinese company that constructed the road and other partners who helped in the construction of the road.

The Monrovia/Grand Bassa Highway is believed to be the best road thus far in the country.  The Bassonians said they will forever remain grateful to the World Bank and those who made it possible for the road to be constructed and paved.

“This is a good gift for the Government from us, the Bassa people. We welcome this and will call on our officials to join such developmental initiatives to ensure that our county be on par with other counties of Liberia,” Madam Annie Kai, a businesswoman said.

Meanwhile, some citizens of Grand Bassa are calling on the Government of Liberia to put into place proper mechanisms for the maintenance of the road. The citizens if the road is not maintained properly the good work being done on the road will go in vain and will not benefit the people.

Some recommended that vehicles plying the road must pay special fees known as toll for the maintenance of the road. They said fund generated from the toll collection must be properly managed for the road to be taken care of during the rains.



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