Pay Attention To Education Nation-wide

INFORMATION GATHERED BY the INQUIRER indicates that students pursuing their academic sojourn in one of Liberia’s remotest locales, Grand Kru County are faced with difficulties relative to achieving quality education. A senatorial aspirant for 2014 mid-term election in the country, Mr. Albert Tugbe Chie last week Saturday expressed dissatisfaction over the school system in the county.

ACCORDING TO MR. Chie, he has held town hall meetings with all of the various towns in the county including the capital city, Barclayville and during one of the meetings with the Zoloken people, an elderly man said that the name of big brother ‘Grand Kru County is Mr. Suffering’. Mr. Chie narrated that students attend classes in make-shift structures with dusty laterite floors without doors, benches, blackboards, and chalk. He disclosed that the Juduken Elementary and Junior High School and the Zoloken Public Elementary and Junior High School in Wedabo are examples.

ACCORDING TO MR. Chie, it is regrettable that 5th and 6th graders share the same class, and as a result, the students do not know which class lessons had been taught, whether 5th or 6th grade lesson. He noted that this often happened in Picnicess, Gbeta Elementary and Junior High Schools.

THE SENATORIAL ASPIRANT also said that there is no trained instructional staff in all schools throughout the county and this is one of those factors contributing to low enrollment of students in the county. In the absence of trained teachers and instructional staff in the county, it is impossible for that county that had produced eloquent and articulate individuals in the past to do so today.

WE ARE CONCERNED about the Senatorial aspirant’s observation from the county because the problem in Grand Kru County could be a gist of the iceberg especially taken into account education in the remotest part of Liberia.

FROM TIME TO time we have received reports of students sitting on the floor especially in our public schools and with such a development coming out of Grand Kru County, there is a need for alarm, caution and care.

WE SAY CARE because authorities in our educational sector must not pay lip service to the sector but ensure that things are properly carried out for a sustained and prompt preparation of the nation’s future leaders because education is a panacea for Liberia’s long standing illiterate society especially in the rural part of our country.

TO REMEDY THIS situation Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education must invigorate the various county education officers and pump more resources in the form of instructional materials, logistics and other inducements for the growth and proper maintenance of the country’s educational sector. The Minister of Education, the various District Educational Officers and the rest must now begin to ensure that our country does not prepare half baked individuals due to the lack of the requisite instructional materials and facilities. We should and must pay attention to education nation-wide as this is the only way we can breed good and responsible leaders.

INDEED THE GRAND Kru issue is a tip of the iceberg thus those concerns must now begin to work from mount Nimba to Cape Mesurado and from Cape Mount to Cape Palmas to ensure proper and good effective educational system. Until we are able to do this, our nation will continue to be a place of lip service and unrealistic planning lest we forget; education is for the betterment of mankind.