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“Be Trustworthy To Succeed In Business…Nigerian Envoy Challenges Chamber Of Commerce

Nigeria Ambassador to Liberia, Chigozie F. Obi-Nnadozie has challenged members of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce to be honest and be trustworthy if they are to be successful businessmen and women.

Speaking at the Annual Installation and Dinner ceemony held by the Liberia Chamber of Commerce recently,    Ambassador Nnadozie stressed that to succeed in life as a businessman, one must be trusted. “You must be able to sell yourself as reliable and trustworthy before anyone can buy or invest in what you are offering. Most Nigerian businessmen subscribe to this ethos and are therefore, successful.

Amb. Nnadozie said, “A strong commitment to getting things done as quickly as possible, no matter the odds – Tenacity, Nigerians are certainly not a lazy people; across the globe Nigerians have excelled in several fields of human endeavor including but not limited to Engineering, Medicine, Telecommunications, Banking, Oil and Gas, Diplomacy, Mining, Agriculture, and of course in trading and commerce.”

The Nigerian envoy then identified several elements or philosophies that enable the Nigerian businessman, operating in the private sector to succeed in the otherwise harsh or very challenging business environment adding, “They put their minds to it, and so they go on to truly accomplish their goals.”

She identified other factors as strong work ethics, strong belief in self and personal integrity and that many Nigerian businessmen will tell you that the word ‘impossible’ simply does not exist in their vocabulary as they genuinely believe that there is nothing they cannot legitimately accomplish.

Commenting on the Nigeria-Liberia business, cultural, economic and political ties, Ambassador Nnadozie pointed out that her country and Liberia share a lot in common, culturally, socially, economically, politically, and geographically. “First and foremost, both countries belong to the ECOWAS sub-regional economic bloc with its numerous subsisting protocol agreements. Both countries are also inhabited by hardworking, resourceful and egalitarian people. They are rich in flora and fauna and blessed with tremendous amounts of natural and mineral resources. Nigeria and Liberia are under democratic governments and both have experienced political instability within the past few decades,” she stressed.

Among other things she said Nigeria is a country of nearly 170 million people while Liberia is approximately 4 million. Nigeria with a GDP of over USD 200 billion is Africa’s second biggest economy after South Africa while Liberia’s GDP according to 2012 estimates, is about USD 1 billion.

“Be that as it may, I believe that were a proper SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis to be undertaken simultaneously for both countries, it would become clear that for instance Nigeria’s huge market presents golden opportunities for enterprising businessmen and women of Liberia,, while the largely untapped resources in Liberia, such as in agriculture, logging, mining, real estate and the hospitality industry, equally present huge opportunities for entrepreneurs from Nigeria.

She said it is now time Liberians and Nigerians started seeing well- packaged, focused Business-to-Business Meetings and Visits between the Liberian Chamber of Commerce and its Nigerian counterpart, the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA); the Lagos Chamber of Commerce; the Abuja Chamber of Commerce; the Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce; etc leading to concrete partnerships and trade. She said her Embassy is ever ready to play a leading role as facilitator in the fast-tracking of such fruitful, collaborative engagements.

Those installed recently by the Liberia Chamber of Commerce include, Mr. Francis A. Dennis, Executive Chair, Liberia Group of Industries; Tony Hage, Monie R. Captan, Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper, Ms. Wadel Powell, Cllr. Fredie R. Taylor, Ahed Haddad, David K. Vinton and Mr. R.K. Suji. Others are Prof. Nelson Onyama, Mr. Assad Barbar and Mahendra Shasma.



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