Rape Is Evil And Against God’s Will

By Rev. Ben A. Karbah

Conflict is the Criminal Paradise: It is the only time when killing is allowed, theft is tolerated, and rape is forgiven. Africa is perishing because of governments’ active ignorance.

While I was researching to write on the afore mention article I was stunned, what surprise me some rapists go free after causing damage and violence against women, especially teenagers. There is no need of passing law when it cannot be enforce. Teenage girls have been victimize by these perpetrator because the law is feeble. If there are dreams about a beautiful Liberia, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Number one goal is enforcing the law, what make a nation great is the law and not “temporarily infrastructure”, because when the law is not strong the good roads and buildings will be destroyed by the people. So it because “temporary infrastructure”.

Rape epidemic is affecting teenage girls so badly that God word needs to be preach against such crime in Churches, school, conferences, some of the gang rape can occur in a civilize society. Majority of rape occur within a child home with trusted fathers, grandfathers, uncles, especially step fathers, mother boy friend. When these things are done the child become afraid to talk because of strong threat from these parents, therefore dark secret locked inside the wounded heart of a child, it can lead to the child committing suicide, because of physical trauma and Psychological trauma. The Child becomes dehumanize as long she lacks of the vocabulary to verbalize what has happened. It is confusing to her as she says to herself how can my father abuse me? I am bleeding, but who to explain to? These are words children say to themselves. The reason some mother will tell their child(children) not to explain such case, because she don’t want family to separate, but she forgot to know such men have damage a 12 years of age future. These are consequences experienced by rape victim:

Vaginal or anal bleeding

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

Dyspareunia Vaginismus

Chronic pelvic pain

Urinary infection


It cause syndrome; HIV, hatred for men, prostitution, can’t understand her lesson in school because of trauma, nightmare dreams, a man who uses force on a woman is afraid of reasoning. Sometime because of the trauma women developing smoking habit which lead some of them to early menopause. Studies show that female suffer from heart diseases much sooner than man.

Carbonmonoxide, tar, nicotine in cigarettes cause the heart rate to increase temporally, straining the heart to beat faster and the blood pressure shoot up; it may also result blood clot of legs and other part of the body which when they travel may cause strokes.