Lebanese Charged With Rape

By Charles B. Yates

A Lebanese national and a resident of the Gardnersville Community, Jafar Bashir has been charged by the Liberia National Police with multiple charges including rape, prom filming of underage girls and sex scandal.

According to credible police sources the accused will be forwarded to the Temple of Justice in   Monrovia for court trial.  Our police sources hinted this paper that the victim who is a minor was allegedly raped by Jafar Bashir. Our source further noted that the incident occurred at a Lebanese-run garage opposite the Shoe’s Factory community in Gardnersville.

Our source further noted that the accused has also been involved in pornography videotaping of several of his victims and viewing those videos to his colleagues.  Our source said the police investigation retrieved several of those videos from the accused.

Our investigation revealed that several top Lebanese businessmen have been visiting the LNP headquarters since the arrest of their colleague while several Lebanese nationals have been holding secret talks with senior police officers to have the case swept under the carpet but their pleas don’t hold any water.  Some Lebanese were seen moving up and down within the corridor of the LNP Headquarters in a mood to secure the release of Bashir and were even seen interacting with officers in charge of the Women and Children Protection Unit.

The head of the unit, Vera Manley when quizzed on the issue said she has no idea about the incident but referred the INQUIRER to the spokesman of the LNP, Mr. Sam Collins who is authorized to speak to the press on matters relative to police operations.

A police officer who seemed to be in charge of the case was heard saying, “Liberians can be jailed in Lebanon while can’t a Lebanese be jailed in Liberia for such a crime in Liberia?”  Rape under Liberian Law is a non-baillable offence.