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Healing Jesus Crusade Finally Hits Liberia

Pastor Dag Heward-Mills, the vision-bearer of the widely publicized ‘Healing Jesus Crusade’ arrived in Liberia with his team from Ghana with a message that God is about to bring new light to Liberia.

Pastor Heward-Mills who was received by the full-gospel ministers of Liberia yesterday at the Philadelphia Central Church in Congo Town told the congregation of believers that Jesus died for everyone and people can only get to know when they are preached to and the blessings and peace of God shared.

He said new knowledge enables people to advance because it is the newness of revelation that makes people’s lives to be renewed adding, “God is a leader and if He surrounds you, you are set to move forward.”

The medical doctor turned evangelist said he is in the country for about three weeks and Liberians should expect God to perform fantastic miracles because he promised to advance Liberians from mere agriculture to modern technology.

“God is going to move in this campaign; the war we saw here will never occur again; may people visit Liberia and the memories of pains and agony of the past war be remembered no more,” the Healing Jesus Crusade vision carrier prophesized.

He said the evangelistic campaign has brought to Liberia two cardinal good news which are ‘salvation and the power of deliverance and it is expected to enter six major cities in Liberia. He said he will be visiting clinics to help the poor and heal the sick.

Pastor Heward-Mills said God will bring new blessings to Liberia because he was sent by God to Liberia, a venture they had anticipated long ago and God has brought it to fruition.

The host pastor, Bishop George Harris said pastors and the Christian community are pleased to receive the Healing Jesus Crusade team and for him especially, he is happy to have been around to welcome such a great team.

Bishop Harris said it is an opportunity and a blessing for Liberians to receive such a great team noting, new things and greater things yield new and greater results and it is about time that Liberians begin to aspire to move to another level; C. Winnie Saywah writes



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