A Challenge To The New Chief Justice

AT HIS CONFIRMATION hearing on Wednesday, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor said his nomination came at a time when the judiciary is faced with many daunting challenges.

JUSTICE KORKPOR THEN acknowledged that he has identified the problems and challenges of the judiciary because he is the longest serving Associate Justice on the Supreme Court Bench.

CLLR. KORKPOR SAID he has already started confronting some of the problems and challenges in recent time in an effort to improve condition with that third branch of government.

APPEARING BEFORE THE Senate Standing Committee on Judiciary, Claims and Petition on Wednesday the Chief Justice who was confirmed by the Liberian Senate yesterday informed the committee that the issue of confidence crisis in the court system and inadequate budgetary allocation are some of the problems confronting the Judiciary.

HE NAMED THE limited number of untrained manpower, especially at the lower courts-the courts of first instant and the shortage of logistics and inadequate infrastructure among others as some of the problems the system is faced with.

WE COMMEND CHIEF Justice Korkpor for identifying the many problems and the challenges facing the judicial branch of government being the longest serving Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

NOW THAT THE Chief has identified the situation facing the high court, we are challenging him to take concrete action in confronting and addressing these challenges and problems because as he rightly said, the judiciary needs serious reform and this can only be done by someone like Justice Korkpor who is believed to be a very principle-minded individual in the Liberian society.

WE ARE ALSO concerned about the limited number of untrained manpower at the lower courts and the shortage of logistics and inadequate infrastructures and that is why we are calling on the government to support the judicial branch so as to execute its mandate effectively without any interference because it is a known fact that in the absence of fund, some judges might be tempted to sell justice to the rich while the poor go away with tears.

ANOTHER ISSUE OF concern is the transparent dispensation of justice in the interest of everyone no matter who he/she is or what he/she has. If the Korkpor Bench can adequately deal with these issues, we believe that the public will have explicit confidence in the judicial process.

AGAIN, THAT IS why we are challenging the new Chief Justice to go all out in meeting these challenges with vigor because unlike in the past, Liberians are now reposing confidence in the judicial system.