SRC Upgrades Health Facilities

The management of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), in Gibi District, Margibi County has upgraded its health facilities.

These included the expansion of the clinic to a health center to better cater to the health needs of the employees and their dependents as well as residents from other surrounding communities within the company’s operational area.

The health center current staff stands at 18, professionally-trained staffers. It contained 14 rooms with 17 beds.

The center has two assigned certified HIV/AIDS counselors and additional six trained health practitioners for the all free of charge prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT).

SRC latest improvement in the health delivery system is accordingly, in continuation of its transformation, the officer-in-charge of the health facilities, McCarty Weljay has said.

Mr. Weljay spoke in an exclusive interview with this paper at his office over the weekend.

According to him, the expansion exercise of the health facilities will provide peripheral (minor) health system that will give much service to the community. He said that the clinic was only to provide basic primary health services.

Currently, he said that the catchment population of the health center is about 8,000.  Apart from the health facilities operated by government in the Gibi District, the SRC health center is the next health post catering to almost all of the surrounding communities outside of its concession areas.

At the center SRC employees and their immediate dependants are provided free medical services.

The health center receives a daily case load of over 200 out patients. It also provides a 24-hour ambulance and health care services.

At the corporate level and in direct respond to reduce infant and maternal mortality the center has organized an “outreach program.” The outreach program is to sensitize all of its camps and nearby communities on anti-natal services to the trained traditional mid-wives (TTM) to refer all anti- natal cases to the health center for a safe delivery.

“Because of this exercise, every delivery done at the company’s health facility, a special arranged package is given to the mother through management to encourage pregnant mothers to come and deliver at the health center,” Mr. Weljay boasted.