Palm Grove Cemetery Hit Again By Criminals…Iron Gates Broken Into

Palm Grove Cemetery Hit Again By Criminals...Iron Gates Broken Into

Despite efforts on the part of the Liberian Government to ensure that the burial ground of most of Liberians’ ancestors, criminals have again burst into the Palm Grove Cemetery using the cemetery as their residence.

Our reporter who visited the grave site yesterday observed that the iron gates that were placed on the right and left sides of the Palm Grove Cemetery to seal the famous grave yard that hosts thousands of dead relatives, friends and love ones of many Liberians as well as other foreign nationals have been broken into by criminals who roam Center and Gurley Streets in Monrovia.

Our report said the criminals are using the grave yard as hide out whenever they carry on their criminal activities in the city and its environs. The Palm Grove Cemetery is being mostly used by the criminals as their home with many of them sleeping in empty tombs.

It is said that the criminals at times remove skeletons from the graves and use them as their bedrooms with their girlfriends.

Few years ago the government of Liberia in its strive to avoid the continuous congestion of the Palm Grove Cemetery, stopped the burial of dead bodies in the grave and constructed a fence on both side of the grave site intended to protect it from criminals.

Despite the construction of the colossal fence, criminals continue to break into it. “Government must provide security to protect this place,” an elderly woman said.