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German Investors In Town

Victor C. Hanson, Jr. (Cub Reporter)

A high power German delegation is in the country to invest in the construction of roads, housing and other areas in Liberia.

The delegation arrived in the country recently as guest of the Liberian Government. The head of the delegation Koecsch Michael said that they are in Liberia for three days with so many Ministers and they are here to help be part of the transformation of the country’s economy.

Mr. Michael said that he is so excited that they are here and ready to cooperate with the Government and people of Liberia to help bring a good future. He added that he cannot tell how many Liberians will get jobs when the process begins because they will not only be into business.

He stated further that those companies will be creating jobs and education to every Liberian for the betterment of the country so that Liberians can have a better future by building their economy.

Speaking at the dedicatory ceremony at Angel Restaurant in Monrovia, the CEO of Union Strong Group, Jeff Blibo, said that he is so excited for such great upgrading and pleasant dedication. He added that Liberians can look up to them for what next to bring in terms of technology and development and that he also gives credit to the German Ambassador to have made it possible to get German investors into this country.

Mr. Blibo pointed out that bringing those investors into Liberia to bring development, technology and education to Liberia.



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