Crisis Hits Mighty Barrolle … Fans Want Board Vote “No Confidence” In Duncan’s Leadership

By Edwin G. Wandah

It has been revealed that serious internal crisis is impeding the smooth running of Mighty Barrolle which some fans are planning to impress on the Board to cast a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Madam Julia Duncan Cassel who is the President of the Mighty Barrolle Sports Association.

According to aggrieved fans, the tenure of Madam Cassel expired two years ago and in 2012 she was expected to step down to give way for a fresh election, but her continuous stay as President of the Association has created speculation that she is planning to remain as President of the Association eternally.

The fans further said Madam Julia Duncan Cassel has failed to bring transformation to the Association and unfortunately, Madam Cassel has failed even the entire Board Members by moving the official offices and home of the Association from Bassa County to Montserrado County which the group termed as a unilateral decision and does not reflect the entire view of the leadership.

Other claims of the group of fans state that Madam Cassel as President of the Association has reduced stipends allocated for players from US.50.00 to some players receiving US.30.00 or less than the stipulated amount.

One aggrieved fan expressed his frustration, “Where is our traditional team? They used to be like Hearts of Hope and Ashante Cortorcor in Ghana”. “Where is the Mighty Barrolle we cheered in the 70’s and 80’s at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium-ATS and Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex?” Peter Gbahn lamented.

Another Baryogar Garmondeh said, “I used to live on Buchannan Street in Buchannan when we had the Offices of Mighty Barrolle; that was back in those old school days. But today, with the outbreak of the civil war, we moved to Monrovia and our Barrolle has lost that integrity and with the poor leadership, we don’t even see our President on the team’s camp anymore,” he stated in tears.