The Afrobarometer Report Is A Welcomed One But…

YESTERDAY, LIBERIA’S AFROBAROMETER, a comparative series of public attitude surveys covering about 35 African countries in Round 5 of its research findings graded the economic condition of the country as being “fairly good or very good.”

THE REPORT SAYS the living condition has increased by 8 percentage points from the 34 percent in 2008 to 42 percent in 2012 assessment.

THE SURVEY WHICH covers 2008-2012 reveals positive prospects for personal living conditions but unfavorable assessment of the macroeconomic condition. At the same time, Liberians have expressed dissatisfaction with the Unity Party-led government job performance in several areas of macroeconomic management and social service delivery.

LIBERIANS’ ASSESSMENT OF the economic condition of the country and the performance of the government in the 2012 survey reflects the same pattern of mix rating in the improvement of the economy versus dissatisfaction in performance as was expressed in the 2008 survey.

WE WELCOME THE Afrobarometer report on the improvement of the economic condition as being fairly good or very good. At the same time, we welcome this report and we are concerned about the issues being raised by some Liberians who have expressed their dissatisfaction over the Afrobarometer report on Liberia.

MANY OF OUR citizens have assessed the economic condition of the country and have at the same time expressed their dissatisfaction over the performance of their government, something that must claim the attention of their leaders especially in improving the livelihood of the citizens.

THE FACT THAT Liberians are divided in their opinions regarding the country’s economic condition must be a serious concern to the Government of Liberia and do everything possible to address these concerns. It is a known fact that many of the citizens are not benefiting from the resources of the country, especially those residing in the leeward counties. These are people who the government must also prioritize because the issue of equal distribution of the nation’s resources is a must.

LET THE GOVERNMENT of Liberia listen to the 37 percent of Liberians who think that the economic condition of the country is still bad and needs significant improvement and address their concerns because Liberia is not only for the elites but all Liberians regardless of their status in the society. The wealth of the country must be enjoyed by everyone bearing in mind that the country belongs to all Liberians and not just one set of individuals.

AGAIN, AS WE conclude, we are calling on the government to consider the views of other Liberians who think that the economic situation of the country is still bad and needs significant improvement. Many Liberians still live below the poverty line of less than US$1.00 and their condition must also be improved like others who think that the economic condition is good for now.