LNOC Donates 575,000 To Sporting Disciplines

Ahead of the Nanjing Youth Games in China, the Liberia National Olympic Committee has doled out huge cash donation to various sporting disciplines as a preparation boost for said groups to represent the country.

The breakdown of the cash donation in Liberian dollars is: Athletics 140,000; Basketball 70,000; Boxing 70,000; Taekwondo 50,000; Handball 70,000 and 105,000 for Inter-Schools Sports Association. The figure amounts to 575,000.

Already, the International Olympic Committee has offered on gratis, two slots a piece to both swimming and athletics categories, amongst other sporting disciplines training to represent the country at the Nanjing Youth Games in China.

All international sporting competitions that the country should partake in requires prior training to be able to recruit the most efficient persons in the various categories to represent the country.

The Liberia National Olympic Committee is therefore living up to that expectation in making this cash donation, which usage will be strictly monitored to ensure that the intended purpose is not perverted, it has been disclosed.

LNOC executives have reassured that recruitment to represent the country is going to be competitive and based on merit to avoid a recurrence of the scandal that unwittingly attended the London Olympics games involving an unqualified Taekwondo fighter that was included in the Liberian squad to have caused a national embarrassment.

Recipients of the cash donation on behalf of their various federations were upbeat and made effusive notes of appreciation to the LNOC executives for the gesture.

On behalf of their various federations they expressed high hopes that the confidence reposed in them to ensure quality representation of Liberia at the upcoming Nanjing Youth Games in China will not betrayed.