Harry Monger’s Legacy Strengthens Long Tennis

Edwin G. Wandah

The former President of the Liberia Long Tennis Association the late Professor Harry Monger has left a mark worth remembrance.

According to hundreds of fans of the Liberia Long Tennis Federation, the late Professor lived a life of free giving out what they called his best especially, on the development of Long Tennis in the country.

Some of the claims made by the Long Tennis fans have to do with the late Professor Monger’s style of leadership which they said brought unity and togetherness amongst members of the Tennis Federation, his personal gesture in financing some of the tournaments that the Tennis Federation executed.

“Professor Monger was a man of divine dignity,” Eric Bestman stated. “He was a man of his words, and showed to members of the Federation that he was competent to spearhead the affairs of the Federation even when the Federation was faced with severe budgetary constraints,” Bestman added.

Henriatta Sherley Browne of Gardnersville who was a follower of the Harry Monger’s style of leadership said, she found the late Professor as a man of integrity who always loved to educate his audience on the importance of the game and everything he believed in.

The late Professor Harry Monger who was the President of the Long Tennis Federation also served as the Executive Director of Liberia Institute of Public Administration- LIPA. He died in Ghana after leaving Liberia to attend an important meeting in that West African State in 2012.