Women Want Greater participation In Constitutional Reform


Jefferson D.Tweh

Liberian Women living in the country have requested for a constitutional review so as to enable them participate in the process. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, the chair of the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), Madam Gloria M. Scott, disclosed that the meeting was intended for the women around the country to conglomerate and be part of the constitutional review process because there is a great opportunity that exists and women need to be involved at times but many of them do not have the awareness.

Madam Scott noted that Liberia has signed extra competition agreements; Accra Peace Accord, Abuja Peace Accord, and Yamoussoukro peace Accord and various peace agreements and that was an opportunity for women to participate but they have lost those opportunities and she believes that this is the time for the women to wake up and do something.

She said women have an active role to play in the constitutional review because they are very important in the decision making in the society.

“The women from the various counties who are attending the meeting will achieve a lot of things after which they will go back to their counties and educate their people on the constitutional review,” she stated.

She stated further that there will be some awareness in the counties on local radios to make sure that everybody is informed about the process.

The National Chairman of Citizens Unification Party, Mr. Momoh N. Freeman, said the process of the constitutional review is very important because it will enable the committee to ratify some mistakes and the committee members will undoubtedly be vigilant in executing their duties.

He affirmed that the political party will engage the constitutional committee to make sure that the constitution is reviewed properly.